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Hānai is a term used in the Hawaiian culture that refers to the informal adoption of one person by another,  regardless of the age involved. It can be used as an adjective, such as “hānai child”, or as a verb, “to hānai” someone into the family.



Purpose: The purpose of the Hānai program is to integrate students into the church body.  Crossroads Christian Fellowship becomes the student’s home church for the time they are here at KBC, so we help them get involved and get to know their new church family by enrolling them into the Hānai Program.   





What to do as the Hānai family: The goal for the Hānai family is to incorporate their Hānai son or daughter into their family as much as desired.  This is going to look different for each family as to how involved their student is with the family.  This could be a once or twice a month interaction or could be weekly.  It is up to each individual family.

Please note that each student will also want to be involved with their Hānai family to different degrees as well, so please talk and be open and honest.  


What to do as the Hānai student: The goal for the Hānai student is to have a place where they can feel more at “home” and get to know people in their new home church for the season of their time at KBC.  This is an opportunity to get involved and possibly go on adventures with their Hānai family.  This could also be a place where they can do laundry, take a hot shower and have a home cooked meal.  We ask the students to not abuse this privilege.  Each family will have different expectations as to how involved they want to be with their new Hānai son or daughter.  The students will also have different expectations and desires as to how involved they want to be with their Hānai family.  So we ask the students to please be open and honest with them.  




Practicalities: In general we want everyone, both the family and the student, to have the freedom to go on adventures or hang out whenever is best for both parties.  There are however a few guidelines that we will ask everyone to follow.

-The student(s) may stay overnight as long as it is a Friday or Saturday night.  If the student stays over on a Saturday night, that student must be back to church and signed in for their Spiritual Disciplines class on Sunday morning by 8:45am.

-If a student stays over night at their Hānai family’s house, the student is responsible to contact the Dean of Women or Dean of Men to let them know that they are not staying on campus that night.  



For more information about the Hānai Program, please contact the KBC Office at 619.796.4522. You may be directed to the Dean of Women.