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The new cabins!

One of the tents before too much wear and tear.

The original safari tents

Where We’ve Been

As many of you know, KBC previously housed all of our staff and students in simple safari tents. These tents were designed to last for 2 years and we used them for 8 years! KBC was blessed that the life of these tents lasted so long.

As the tents became worn and weathered, it became very evident that we needed to update our housing situation. Kauai Bible College is still committed to simple living, so we wanted to keep our housing very basic.

In the summer of 2015, KBC began building small cabins to replace the safari tents. With the help of generous donations from members of Crossroads Christian Fellowship, as well as KBC parents and alumni, six cabins were completed in girls’ camp and 5 cabins were completed in guys’ camp.


Where We Are Going


With the influx of an unprecedented amount of students for the Fall 2017 semester, KBC began building two more cabins in each camp. With the help of KBC staff and students, along with CCF members, we have been able to construct these new cabins quickly to accommodate all of the students. We have also doubled the number of showers in the girls’ shower house, added more tables and chairs into our dining room, and improved the efficiency of our kitchen. Of course, we are always looking for ways to improve the quality and comfort of our buildings to help KBC function more conveniently, so if you are interested in donating items that would help, please let us know!




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