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Making an online payment is actually quite simple. All that is required is a Populi account, which someone will get as soon as they apply, a credit/debit card, and money!

If you are a student and need to pay a bill, simply login to Populi by going to this link, put in your username and password, go to the “My Profile” tab, then go to the “Financial” tab within your profile. the last tab on the right. Once there, you should see off to the right a “Summary” with your balance due. Right below that there should be a link saying “Make a payment”. Click on that and it should be straightforward from there how to make a payment.

If a parent or someone else is going to make a payment, it can be done in very similar ways. Simply have the student login to Populi again and go all the way to where they would click on “Make a payment”. Right next to that link should be another one saying “Someone else paying?”. If the student clicks on that link, they will generate a 30-day temporary link to where someone else can make a payment without needing to login to Populi. The student can email you the link. If the student can’t get in, we here at KBC can generate a link and email it to you as well.

If you are having problems or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.